Help Document the Local History of Your Community

Contribute your historical photos and stories from the Brooklyn, Curtis Bay and Brooklyn Park areas and help us create this one-of-a-kind historic book in a way that no other local history collection has ever been developed.


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Submit your Photos, Stories and Illustrations

Use the form below to contribute to the book. We will use your name to credit the photos unless otherwise instructed. Please include your contact information so that we may follow up with any additional questions. Your information will not be shared or solicited.

The Chesapeake Arts Center, a non-profit dedicated to bringing together arts and culture for this area, is soliciting stories, photos and illustrations from community members, residents and former residents in an effort to construct a meaningful, memory-filled book that will help document the significant history of the area.

Perhaps one of the most ignored and unappreciated parts of Baltimore and Anne Arundel County, this area has a rich, multi-ethnic history that is the essence of blue collar America and the represents well the hard-working people that have walked its streets since these three areas -- Brooklyn, Curtis Bay and Brooklyn Park -- initially took form in 1853.

The submitted photographs that fill the pages of this book you guide you through the area’s formative years as it was initially developed by the Patapsco Land Company, and through the years where it became a port and railway epicenter for Baltimore, which relied on its location to build its reputation as a shipbuilding and shipping leader.

To complete this project we need help from the community -- we need you to participate.

Our Goal

Our goal is to illustrate as many aspects of this historically rich area as possible. Please dig through your old photo albums, shoe boxes and anywhere else you might have photos, illustrations and even old postcards or ephemera that show.

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Brooklyn Park
  3. Curtis Bay
  4. Hawkins Points
  5. Pumphrey
  6. Cedar Hill
  7. Fort Armistead
  8. Wagner’s Point
  9. Fairfield
  10. Masonville
  11. or other areas within this
    historically rich community).

Thank you for your help, and please feel free to email us any questions or comments you may have.